Florida Lottery Cash 3

What numbers feel lucky to you? Could it be your date of birth of another special event? Did you see three numbers on the TV that hold something special in your mind? Take those numbers and head to your nearest Florida Cash 3 retailer. With those numbers you could walk away with a $500 cash prize in your hand. And, with the various playing options for the Cash 3, you could win even more! A dollar bill is all it takes to try your hand at the big winnings.

Daily drawings for the Cash 3 could be taking place as we speak. Drawings occur at midday and again in the evening, giving you two chances to cash in. Winners just Like you Everyday men and women just like yourself are playing the Cash 3 with the Florida lottery. These people all have hopes of winning the prize, and with multiple prize winners each day, you, or any of those people, could be the lucky ticket holder. Chances are you even know a few people who have hit the lottery once or twice before. After all, somebody has to win and you never know just when it might be you! The only way that you will ever know is to play, and at only a dollar each ticket, what is there to lose? Play the Game The Cash 3 Lotto can be played at any participating retailer.

There are thousands of lotto retailers throughout Florida, making it easy to find your game when you are ready to play. Fort Lauderdale, Daytona Beach, Orlando – residents all throughout the Sunshine State love the Cash 3 game and the great fun and prizes that it offers to them. Why haven’t you already gotten your ticket? You could win big but only if you play the game.

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