Florida Lottery Grouper

Florida Lottery Grouper

There is this package deal you can get with the Florida Lottery called Grouper. No, they do not hand you a smelly dead fish. It actually is a pretty great deal for those who play the Grouper. It is not a game at all, but a Group of games. You see what they did there?

You can go into any lottery retailer and ask for a Grouper and the machine will spit out 6 total tickets for the next available draws of the following games:

Cash 3
Play 4
Fantasy 5
Mega Money
Florida Lotto

And the 6th ticket is randomly drawn from Fantasy 5, Mega Money, or Florida Lotto and this entire package is only $5 so you are getting the 6th ticket for free. You do not get to choose what the 6th ticket it. 47% of the time it will be a Fantasy 5 or Mega Money ticket and 6% of the time it will be a Florida Lotto ticket.

You can’t choose your own numbers on any of the tickets at all or cancel any of the tickets. All of the special grouper tickets will have a special message saying that the tickets are part of the grouper package and the free ticket that you receive will have a message saying it was a free ticket.

This is a very good deal for people who like to stop daily and get one of each ticket as you don’t have any play slips to fill out at all and you get a free ticket. I am certain that there have been several winning tickets that came about just because of the free ticket, plus you really can’t beat $5 for the entire package deal .

Remember if you get your grouper package tickets in the morning before the first Cash 3 and Play 4 draws, the Cash 3 and Play 4 tickets you get in your package will be for the next available draw which would be the midday draw. If you get your package after the cutoff time, those tickets would be for the evening draw.

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