Florida Lottery Scratchers

Everyone loves to play scratchers, right? I know I do. One key is to make sure you are playing scratch off games that you actually have a chance to win a top prize. The worst thing you can do is to go to the store to buy one of the many scratchers and not realize that there might not be any or many of the top prizes left.

Most of the time the lottery will pull a game as soon as all of the top prizes have been redeemed, but the key is they have to be redeemed for them to know that the top prizes have even been won for that particular scratcher. It is entirely possible that people have bought a ticket with a top prize winner and have not redeemed it yet or even scratched it yet. Maybe the ticket is a gift and they have not given it to someone or the person that got it, has not scratched it yet.

For example, the wild number bingo game has only 1 top prize of $50,000 left to be redeemed. Why would you even buy a ticket when you have little or no chance at even winning the big money. Of course, it is possible that the ticket is still out there at a retailer, but your chances of winning are decreased greatly when there are less of the top prizes out there.

We also do not know how many tickets are left out there in total. There could be 4 million tickets left and with only one top prize left, you certainly do not want to play that game as the odds are so stacked against you, it is not worth it.

What you want to do is to make sure you are playing games that have plenty of top prizes that are left and if you can, buy games that have been out awhile so you know that tickets have been purchased so your odds are even better.

You can find out about all the games and prizes remaining by clicking here

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