Florida Play 4

Florida Lottery Play 4

Feeling a bit lucky today? Playing the Florida Play Four Lottery should be your task of the day! This fun and exciting lotto game offers Florida residents all across the state the chance to win up to $5,000, and with two opportunities to win per day, your odds are increased that you will pocket this big chunk of change.

The lotto doesn’t stop on the weekends, and you could find yourself the lucky winner any day of the week. Box, Straight/Box and Pairs plays are all available with the Pick Four lotto. Choose your winning favorite playing style and your best numbers and you could pocket even more cash. Furthermore, everyday there are multiple winners holding those lucky numbers. A ticket will set you back only half a dollar or one dollar, and we all know that we can find that small amount of change tucked inside of the sofa cushions!

To claim your ticket, simply visit any retailer offering Florida lotto. Fill out the slip with your chosen numbers and your ticket will be printed for you. When it is time for the winning numbers to be selected all you need to do is watch to see if you are a winner. Playing the Florida Pick Four lottery game is fun and exciting and so easy to do! Even for those who have never before played the lotto, the Pick Four game is an easy introduction that will leave you yearning for more, especially after you are lucky enough to hit. Imagine what you could do with your earnings.

The possibilities are endless, from finishing that home remodeling project to buying gifts and clothes for the kids. But, you must play to win! What are you waiting for? Someone is going to take home the money, and it might as well be you so play the Florida Play 4 game today.

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