Florida’s new $25 Scratcher

On September 25th, 2012, the Florida Lottery launched their most expensive scratch off ticket yet to commemorate their 25th anniversary. When the lottery first started in Florida 25 years ago, the first ticket was called Millionaire and it was a $1 scratch off ticket.

This new game is also called Millionaire, but it is a $25 ticket, the most expensive ticket in Florida Lottery history. Sadly, it is not the most expensive scratch off ticket in the nation, that honor goes to a couple of different states.

The top prizes in Florida Lottery’s new $25 game are $5 million and $1 million dollars. Both of these top prizes are to be paid out over 20 years unless you want to take the cash option which is significantly less money, but paid out all at once.

For this particular game you just need to match any of the winning numbers to any of your numbers to win. If you get a “Bill” symbol, you will win twice as much as the prize shown for that symbol. If you uncover a “10x”, you will win ten times what the prize money is for that symbol. There is also a “25 burst” symbol that gets you 25 times the prize amount for that particular symbol.

The overall odds for winning a prize in this game is 1 in 2.87 and the prizes available are as follows:

$25 – 1-in-6.67

$30 – 1-in-13.33

$40 – 1-in-20

$50 – 1-in-40

$100 – 1-in-30

$150 – 1-in-166.67

$200 – 1-in-285.71

$400 – 1-in-461.54

$500 – 1-in-358.21

$1000 – 1-in-1,333.33

$5000 – 1-in-40,000

$20,000 – 1-in-302,400

$50,000 – 1-in-1,512,000

$1 Million – 1-in-687,272.73

$5 Million – 1-in-5,040,000

There is also a second chance promotion with this Florida Scratch game where you can win a million dollars. Through December 11th, 2012 you can enter your non winning tickets online for a chance to be a part of the 25th aniversary promotion. 5 lucky people will be chosen to attend the event for the aniversary and one of those 5 will win $1 million dollars. The other 4 that win the trip will win $250,000 as well. 25 people will win the second prize of $25,000 and 2500 people will win a free Millionaire ticket.

According to the website, there is only 1 $5 million dollar winning ticket out there so that means they are only printing 5,040,000 tickets for this game.

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